Instructional DVDs

The Glory of the Glutte, Hip Work with Phaedra of Boston

This DVD will become your hips' best friend. Starting with specific techniques for clean and precise hip work, Phaedra unlocks secrets the professional belly dancer knows for creating polished, dynamic hip drops, hip locks, and shimmies with accents.

Using classroom-proven techniques, Phaedra starts with the importance of proper posture, then moves through beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections that make this a DVD you can grow with as it builds in complexity, variation, and new movement.

Finally, Phaedra's performance demonstrates the movements that have been taught, inspiring you to cultivate your curves, position your pelvis, and sharpen the shapes that make this dance so fascinating to watch.

Turning Your Dance Around with Phaedra of Boston

This DVD gives you everything you need to put a new spin on your dancing. This DVD contains breakdowns for basic, advanced, and specialty turns, including Chene turns, paddles turns, barrel turns, pivot turns, and more.

The DVD starts with a discussion on posture, spotting, and troubleshooting turns gone wrong, moves into a breakdown of the turns, and provides ideas for combining turns that will wow your audiences.

The DVD concludes with a performance by Phaedra that demonstrates the power and beauty of turning.

Some Comments About the Videos

"...I highly recommend you buy both....Don't pass up your chance to study with one of the best teachers and dancers that our art form has to offer us."
Lorraine Lafata, Belly Dance in New England Magazine

"Any dancer who is concerned with mastering either or these topics will enjoy Phaedra's efforts. Both DVDs are studio quality and reasonably priced."
John Clow, Reviewer, Zaghareet! Magazine

"I must say that I have a "few" (to say the least) of videos and DVDs of instructional types. I watched the Glutte last night ... and found it refreshingly clearly defined in teaching, visually friendly (well lit, light background, free of visual distraction and the eye was drawn to you.) You didn't waste words and were very clear about what you were instructing the "student" to do or achieve. I loved the inset frame showing close up or footwork. That was very, very clever and helpful. I loved it!"
Ismalia, teacher, Vermont

"I really enjoy your DVD! It feels like having you with me in my living room for a private lesson as your step by step explanations are very clear."
Domonique Custeau, student (not mine)

"I was so impressed with the amount of material covered in the Turning Your Dance Around video. I love it!
Hannah Svark

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Phaedra's Finishing SchoolTM
a pdf book for bellydancers

This book is valuable for both students and teachers alike. It presents techniques and classroom-tested exercises for improving:

All of these techniques are essential for making the audience want to watch and want to keep on watching.

Photos and video clips are included to illustrate the techniques presented. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and a program for playing mpg video files.

View the Table of Contents

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