Belly Dance New England - Hosted by Amy Smith, this web site is the best resource for what is going on the the New England area. It lists teachers, classes, and venues.

The Art of Middle Eastern Dance by Shira - This site gives a wealth of information about belly dancing in general, and dancers around the country.

Athenian Corner Restaurant - The web site of our own Athenian Corner in Lowell.

Elisabeth Clark Art - Web site of our own local artist Elisabeth Clark, who gives her art to us born from the art that we cherish, belly dancing.

Ancient Art Studios - Web site of Ancient Art Studios, run by the ever energetic and lovely Aurel D'Augustino.

Aurel - Personal web site of Aurel, Director of Ancient Art Studios.

Mitchell Kaltsunas - Web site of our own Mitchell Kaltsunas, singer oudist.

Belly Dance Connecticut - Home page for Shalimar. Check out the photos!

Katia - Home page for Katia.

Desert Moon Dancers - Home page for Connecticut-based dance troupe.

Belly Dancer Salome - Promo of international performer as well as belly dance directories, talent agency directory, jobs available, on-line lessons, articles, and interviews

Ibrahim Farrah - Web site in memory of the late Ibrahim "Bobby" Farrah, internationally known master teacher, choreographer, and inspiration for several generations of dancers.

Oriental Dancer - Web site for Salome.

Shira - Web site of Shira. Filled with interesting information for dancers. Well worth the visit.

Kizzie - Kizzie's web site.

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